• Mtronix s.r.o. - třídící a kontrolní práce
  • Mtronix s.r.o. - třídící a kontrolní práce


Complex professional services in the area
of quality and sorting for the automotive industry

Inconsistent parts bring complications in production in the area of quality and this of course costs quite a lot of money. The major contribution of control and sorting services for you reduces costs with the non-observance of deadlines, stopping lines, complaints from customers, etc. In these situations, we will provide control and sorting services.

We want to show you that the services in this area can be provided with maximum expertise, respectably and to your advantage.

We do not measure success with the number of orders. Our measure is the individual approach to every order, whether it is a short-term action or long-term cooperation.

We provide the following services

  • Sorting (visual check of parts that do not meet quality requirements)
  • Controlling (inspecting parts using both classical and special meters)
  • Rework (small repairs and finishing works on parts in order to meet quality requirements)
  • Input and output control
  • CSL1, CSL2
  • Audits and consulting for companies in the area of ISO9001, ISO16494
  • Packaging, labeling (packaging, labeling of parts for recording and identification)

We want to extend our portfolio of services offered in order to match the demand as much as possible and that applies not only to the automotive industry.