We are a major provider of controlling and sorting operations in the automotive industry.

Mtronix QS s.r.o. is a purely Czech company providing comprehensive professional services in the field of quality and sorting for the automotive industry. Since 2005, we have been providing our services in the field of controlling and sorting operations throughout the Czech Republic and surrounding countries of the European Union.  We continuously expand our services to meet our customers’ requirements to the full. Our experienced team of employees can quickly respond to customer requirements, develop the most suitable procedures and manage the implementation of an order.
Individual approach
Each order has its own specifics and each customer has its own requirements. Therefore, we approach each ordered job individually and seek to find an optimal solution.
In the short term as well as long term
We are able to meet customers’ emergency requests. We are ready to handle both short-term orders and long-term cooperation.
Online 24/7
Orders are accepted NON-STOP. We operate within the Czech Republic and the EU.

Thanks to our individual approach, short response time, and quality of work, we have achieved a stable position on the market.

We communicate
Communication is important. Therefore, at least two of  our responsible employees are at your disposal at any time.
We report
Detailed reports are processed automatically. The customer is informed about the order status daily. Individual report adjustments are a matter of course.
We guarantee the quality
Quality is our domain. That’s why we can guarantee it. Thus, only skilled staff motivated to achieve 100% quality perform the controlling and sorting operations.
On your site or our site
We execute orders at a location specified by the customer, most often right at the customer’s production plant, or we can arrange premises in the vicinity of the customer’s site. In addition, we have our own spaces available to implement orders.
Control within the process
We can perform controlling and sorting operations at any point of the production process. Experienced control staff is able to suggest possible changes to procedures and setting of the control.
Security is not alien to us
We adhere to safety and fire regulations; we are trained in the field of occupational health and safety and fire protection. Our employees are equipped with personal protective equipment.

ISO Certificates