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Sales Department

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We will find out what you need… and set the parameters for our cooperation

Personal Meeting
  • We will arrange personal meeting
  • We will ask a lot and listen even more
  • We will answer all your questions
  • We will get an overview of your requirements
Individual approach
  • We will propose an optimal solution
  • We will adapt to the full
  • We will indicate the order’s key points
  • We will discuss the price
Cooperation Agreement
  • We will agree on requirements of the order
  • We will agree on deadlines
  • We will agree on pricing and payment terms
  • We will confirm the cooperation agreement
You can come to an agreement with us…
… because everything is just a matter of agreement. We place emphasis on an individual approach. We will be happy to deal with all aspects of the given order. We know our possibilities and abilities.

We will exchange important contacts…

Upon agreement on the conditions of cooperation, we will forward all the necessary information to our implementation team.

  • We will connect our right people with your right people
  • We will provide them with all the necessary information for a successful start to the order
  • We will plan the subsequent steps
At least two...
…employees are always available for you. At each moment of the order’s course, there are at least two responsible Mtronix employees available who are able to operationally address arising requests, changes, and so on.

The implementation team will prepare everything needed for the ordered job

Review of procedures
  • Our supervisors will review the procedures delivered
  • They will supplement/modify them if necessary
  • Incorporation of procedures into our processes
  • Any changes will be agreed on with you
Report Preparation
  • We will prepare a daily report
  • We will set up your report as needed
  • Individual changes are a matter of course
  • Everything will be re-confirmed with you
Team Selection
  • We will select the most appropriate team
  • We will appoint a responsible team leader
  • We will perform training for the given order
  • We will provide the team with the final information to start the work
Shorter than it seems …
.… our reaction time from placing an order to starting it. Much of the above is performed in parallel under the competence of more employees. Then, the supervisor is responsible for the final status.

We start working on your job and prepare a report

  • Our supervisor and quality inspectors will go to the destination
  • The supervisor, together with your contact person, will supervise the correct start of the order
  • The next course of the order is under the supervision of the supervisor
  • At the agreed time intervals, we report on the work done and the order status

So once again – you start by contacting us…

Sales Department

+ 420 777 151 260
+ 420 731 824 698

We will call you back …